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Many Realms to Explore just click on a castle and visit that kingdom. To add your site to a kingdom, tab down page for more information.

Welcome to the kingdom of finance. This kingdom is for sites that have something to sell. Business sites fill the land and give others a chance to find a bargain or a needed service.


This kingdom is filled with poets, and writes. Express yourself here and share with the world your works. This kingdom is a place of relaxation and the fine art of words.


This kingdom is dedicated to the athletes in all of us. From jousting to Americanized football, any sports site can take up residence within these walls.


Prayers and thoughts of heaven fill this kingdom. This castle is the place to bring your site to give thanks and praise for all we have on this earth. Religious sites can make their home here for the world to see and visit.


This kingdom is set aside for the websites that offer awards to other sites. If you bestow your honor on others then maybe you want to look into moving here.


This kingdom is the noisiest on the internet. This is home to the chatters. If you have a chat room that you use on your site, join us here.


We all know that knights of old never got to see the academy awards, but we will open the gates of this kingdom for any sites devoted to motion pictures or television programs.


This site is set aside to pay special honor to those we love and have left this world. We don't want to mourn their passing, but rather honor their legacy. If your site is a tribute to a loved one, list it here among the other great noblemen and women.


Click on my Guard to visit other Kingdoms to Choose from.

If your site doesn't fit into one of our kingdoms, not a problem....we have many other castles waiting to be inhabited. Just EMAIL ME and let me know what type of kingdom you are looking for.


Fill out the below application to be placed in one of the kingdoms. After you fill out this form you must place the KINGDOM BANNER that is below this form on your site with a link back to this page. Thanks......

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